Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Moldova Farm Irrigation Project Phase 2

We are very happy that we can now share with you the much anticipated Moldova Farm BAM (Business as Mission) Report for 2009, prepared by Stepan Staucean, Director of International Interns’ Turk World Ministries and BAM Projects.

We praise God that the 2009 Farm Year was successfully completed with a modest, but significant profit! This harvest’s profit was used to invest in additional land next to the well for the storage tank, irrigation system and a small guard house. In addition, winter wheat and barley seeds were purchased for new crops.

It is very rewarding to see that God has blessed our brothers and sisters in Moldova in the development of this means of supporting their families and their churches, training pastors and Church Planters, and sending out their own missionaries.

The crop producing the greatest profit was the table grapes. The profit from the grape crop represents almost 50% of the total Farm profit. It is believed that this significant profit is the direct result of drilling the well, which provided the water to make possible the irrigation of the grapes. Stepan Staucean has asked that we again thank all of you whose love gifts made possible the drilling of the well.

Additional profit from the well was made possible through some of the water being sold to neighboring farmers who had no other source of water for much needed irrigation.


Stepan Staucean now reports,

“We are now ready for Phase 2, which will complete the Farm Irrigation Project. We will need to dig a trench and install the pipe line. We will put the second water tank at the top of the hill. We will pump water to the tank on the top of hill and then we can irrigate using gravitation flow of water.”


1. Increased capacity for storing water in the likelihood of future draughts.
2. Additional water will be available to sell to other farms.
3. Reduction of labor costs presently necessary to “hand water” the grape vineyard.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Drilling of the well has begun

March 28th, 2009 drilling of the well began. These Photos were taken April 1st.

The estimated amount remaining to be raised for PHASE ONE is $550.00. Phase one includes the drilling of the well, installation of the casing, the pump, the electrical power source, and installation of the first storage tank.

Pray with us for the financial resources to complete PHASE ONE and begin PHASE TWO, which includes the installation of the distribution system which will carry water from the storage tank to the vineyard and to each grape plant through a highly efficient “drip irrigation” system. The total cost of the “drip irrigation” system is $3,530.

Storage tanks are necessary in order to achieve the most efficient use of the well. A total of two tanks will be needed for this project. A used tank can be purchased for about $2,500 depending on size and quality. The amount needed for one tank has almost been raised in PHASE ONE of the project.

We are praising and thanking the Lord for His abundant provisions and thank you for your partnership in the Well Project in Moldova. Please share this exciting news with your friends and join us in thanksgiving and prayer.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Drilling to begin this week

"Therefore with joy you will draw water From the wells of Salvation" Isaiah 12:3

Stepan Staucean, our head of the farm project in Vulcanesti, Moldova has informed us that well drilling will start sometime this week! The intended start date for drilling is March 5th.

The drilling company has offered Stepan a discount, however, finances and prayers are still needed in order to accomplish the ultimate goal of finishing the well. The creation of jobs and profits from this well will be key to continued alleviation of poverty in Moldova. Please continue to pray for this endeavor as we hope for change in the lives of Eastern Europeans as well as the Turk World.

A recent donor to this BAM project has these words to offer:

"I am so in agreement with your Farm Project in Vulcanesti, Moldova that I wish to help and encourage it along."

Please visit our cause at: Support Business as Missions

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Hope in a Dry and Thirsty Land

Why Moldova? Why dig a well? Few Americans can even locate Moldova on a map. It's a small country (Europe's poorest), located between Romania and the Ukraine. It's an important link, though, to reach the Turk World with the Gospel through a small group of Christian believers located in southwest Moldova called the Gagauz people.

In 2001, International Interns' Business as Missions (BAM) Initiative partnered with the Baptist church in Vulcanesti, Moldova, to launch a farm-based business enterprise. Moldovan farming methods were, some considered, 60 - 100 years behind the times and the "Farm Projects" goal was to empower local Gagauz churches to help them begin and sustain a farming business with modern equipment and techniques. Grants and loans to this farm co-op have provided tractors, implements, seed, and their "own" land. The Farm Project provides needed income that will result in the Turk World being reached for Christ.

Following Biblical guidelines, the "profits" from the farm project will generate employment, income, and opportunities to support church planting and missionary activities. Four Gagauz missionary families have already been sent to Crimea, and to the Kabardino-Balkaria Republic in southern Russia, to preach the gospel to primarily Muslims who need to know Christ.

Table grapes have been determined to be the most profitable crop. The past two years have been extremely difficult due to drought in Moldova, but thankfully the vineyard was saved through the tedious and hard work of hand watering each plant.

International Interns' goal is to dig a well and install an irrigation system for the vineyard. This not only will prevent loss of crops during a drought, but will also be its own source of income as water can be sold to other farms. The digging of the well must begin no later than April and be completed by June 1st, 2009. One-third of the project is already funded and only one-half is needed to start drilling. This is such an exciting opportunity and we ask that you join us in prayer as together we help the Christians in Moldova be able to provide income to support their Kingdom Ministries. We pray with them as they share the hope of Christ's salvation with those in the Turk World who have no hope.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Planting Hope!

Wooden Doors & Greenhouses—Portals to the Gospel

“Where’s that in the Bible?” you may ask ... “How do wooden doors and greenhouses provide entry to the Good News of Jesus?” In Moldova pastors often struggle to make ends meet to feed their families, pay their rent, and do ministry at the same time. Jobs are few, wages are low, prompting many to depart to Moscow or Italy to earn money to support families. And since church members are in the same situation, most congregations can’t pay their pastors a salary. So they must work. Vasilii, an LDI graduate, is an expert carpenter, crafting beautiful wooden doors using old, temperamental and dangerous power tools—he recently lost the tips of 3 fingers on one hand. Yet his skills allow him to continue to be a pastor at two small churches in the area of Moscowvei, Moldova.

Oleg has 2 greenhouses in his backyard, currently filled with cabbages. He sparkled with joy as he recalled the challenges of coming to his village as a missionary and stranger. He and his wife slowly made friends and have made a positive impact for Christ. He sees a twofold advantage of his greenhouses—first he earns money to support himself, but even more importantly, they provide outreach as people come to buy his vegetables. When asked if he could put in more greenhouses, he said he has room for six, but more than two takes away from his time to pastor and minister to the community. He says a drip irrigation system would allow even more time to minister. What a blessing these two men are to their villages! Please pray that others would have business opportunities that help them feed their families, but also allow time to serve the Lord in ministry!